We have Arrived..

This morning at three o’ clock we arrived at the ILAC center (even though we were supposed to have been there at ten o’ clock!)  The towns were quite dark as we were driving through them so it was hard to make out what we had in store for us in the following weeks.  We found out this morning.  I have seen hundreds of pictures of the DR, but being here in person is a completely different story.  Not only do your eyes experience it, so do your ears, nose, and the whole rest of your body.  The DR has a distinct smell, but I can’t describe it at all.  Also, it is so much louder then I ever thought it would be.  People are constantly honking at someone else and people love to blare their speakers within their vehicle.  The one thing that I still can’t get over is the humidity! It was quite pointless to try and do anything to yourself besides pull your hair up into a ponytail and throw on jeans and a tee. By noon everyone was soaked with sweat.  Second of all, I’m not quite for sure where the mosquitoes are hiding but they should stay where ever they are.  I have seen a total of two. Third, I can’t believe the houses.  Some are falling apart; pictures I have seen have not done justice to the conditions of some of the houses I have seen so far.  I find it amazing how people still work and try to provide for their families even though they live in horrible conditions. 

I’ve been here less than twenty-four and have seen limited parts of the DR yet I feel like many of the material things I have in my life I have not earned and not quite for sure if I deserve them.  This trip will be very interesting with how everything turns out.    

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