Time to get Edumacated

As of tonight, we have had 6 class sessions.

In a regular class, this is what I would have learned:

  • Syllabus
  • Prime desk options
  • Amount of caffeine necessary to survive

However, this is not an ordinary class.  It’s an extraordinary class! hahah.

We have learned so much.  When we started, I didn’t know how to change the battery on my video camera or how to get it to stay on the tripod.  I can now rock that battery change like a champion.  Tripod…still tends to be a little awkward, but it’s getting there.  Silly tripod.  

We have learned a ton of theology.  My brain hasn’t exploded from excessive knowledge intake as of yet, so I’m taking that as a good sign that we can continue to learn more.  I was actually really nervous about the theology portion, because it is a 300 level course, and the only class I had taken was the introductory course.  I’m glad to say it’s been working out quite nicely.  Huzzah for that

We’ve also started in on editing, which is a blast.  I never realized how incredibly tedious it is though.  Today in class, it was mentioned that we would probably spend 4 hours editing for every minute that was in the video.  I thought it was a joke.  Ya…not a joke.  That computer lab is going to be our home when we get back from the Dominican Republic.  

It’s a lot…And that’s not even the half of it.


I think that’s what’s keeping me hanging in there.  In 6 days we’ll be in the Dominican Republic, and we will have to know everything that we’ve learned and use it effectively.  Which I’m sure we will 🙂

Now, I must go to bed so that I can learn again tomorrow.

…We are all going to have disproportionately large heads by the end of this. 


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