Thursday: Only a picture can do this beach justice, and I didn’t have a camera

Beach day! We woke up, had breakfast, got ready and headed out on the gringo bus to go to the beach with Tom Kelly’s class that was on their last day. It was about 2 hours to the beach. We headed to Sosua Beach, which was absolutely gorgeous, and was also a Dominican beach and not a touristy beach. The water was a clear blue just like you see on post cards and was warm enough to just run right in. I sunscreened up (multiple times throughout the day, in case you were wondering Mom), chatted for a bit and walked down the beach to see all of the vendors.

The vendors are a completely different story here. While in America, there may be open shops for you to walk in at your own leisure, the Dominicans actively try and get you to buy from them. Peter, James and I were scouting out some sandals for Kyle and Peter got into a heated debate with one of the shop owners about how much he would pay for a certain type of sandals. It was fun to watch and the guy remembered, twice as we passed by, the price he offered and that Peter was coming back to get the sandals. It was crazy to see every other store (it seemed) having someone trying to get you to come and buy something with a person outside the store.

I ended up purchasing a ride on a banana boat (big straight yellow inter-tube with spots for 5 or 6) once we got back from the walk. I was told that the most fun you could have on one was spinning other people off of the tube. So I did. I let us get way out on the water (we were all wearing life jackets) and then I tucked and rolled bringing everyone off the boat. After that first excursion into the water, whether the next watery spills were my fault or not, I got blamed for them. Oh well, it was a ton of fun and I think the guy driving the boat was out to get us off the tube more than I was. Well worth the bargained 100 pesos it cost each of us (thank you Peter).

We played some catch with a football in the water with Tom Kelly and his class. This turned into a king of the mountain game on top of a floating banana tube in the ocean, which was a lot of fun. Peter called me in to have me go inter-tubing with him and Chris Boitano. The catch was we would be filming it when we were on the tube making things a lot more interesting. The camera was in a waterproof housing-so no one worries and we grabbed on and we took off. Check out Peter’s blog post on the matter but it was a ton of fun and we wiped out pretty big a couple of times. Made for some good video. I have a copy of it now so let me know if anyone wants to see it.

After this I went to the shore because people were getting ready for lunch. Lunch was a fresh cooked red snapper, fried plantains, French fries and some salad. It was really good food just served on Dominican time, meaning that it was a little late and showed up when things were ready, not when we expected them to be.

We spent a bit more time on the beach chatting, enjoying the scenery and taking some pictures then headed home. Came back having felt the sun, and being a little beaten up, everyone went to the library at ILAC to review footage before the next day. All in all, it was an excellent day (even though I am still feeling sore as I write this a few days later).

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