Thoughts from Hitchcock

Sitting in the Journalism Lab, we have been editing and putting together footage for our upcoming film. I feel encompassed by this project and as I think back to last week and how we were in Dajabón a week ago Wednesday, these are my thoughts about the DR and several things related:

I miss dancing. Whether it is bachata, merengue, or salsa-Dominicans seem to do it best. I have danced in colmados, under a tarp used as a roof, in the campo, in the city, at ILAC with the staff and have encountered a variety of moments while moving about the dance floor. Here is a link to some easy bachata and merengue steps. Now one, two, three, touch….step, step, step, touch. It’s quite fun, give it a try and you just might pick up a new hobby.

I wonder how our campo families are doing and how the new cement floors are working out? I’m sure they are much appreciated, and will be in use for many years to come. 

I also wonder when my body will fully be adjusted back to eating here in the States? Sticking to a diet of Gatorade, crackers and lots of water isn’t cutting it and I’m longing for some ice cream. Chicken noodle soup isn’t that bad though, especially in a bread bowl. 

We are putting together a very rough cut tonight and continuing to work on B-roll. It might be an hour or so more, but it’s all worth it. 

Plus, who could complain while spending time with such a great group of people. Let’s keep the tunes playing, and Rachel J-time to point it out.





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