Things we’re learning..

I would argue that the most important things we have learned so far in these courses are about video and editing. Practicing with the camera and using final cut is helping us see what shots we well need once we get to the DR and how to construct them. Confidence with the camera is going to be one of the biggest challenges for me in the DR, so practice is good. We need to be very conscious and intentional about getting all the shots we want from the DR while we are there, so the more dialogue we have about these before we get there, the better. 

Talking about feature writing last week and a little this week helps as well because we are going to be constructing a story when we get back. So in addition to the way all of our shots look and how they will technically fit together, we need to consider how they will help tell the story and convey information we think is important. We are all working on our profiles and maybe realizing how hard it is to get the info we need for a story in a short interview. This is another good thing to recognize before we get to the DR.

In Theology 342 we’ve covered a lot of material! Mainly the goal has been to see how the Church became what we identify as the Church today. Hopefully this will help us detect all the ways the Church is present in the DR. Today especially focused on Catholic Social Teaching which also will help us immensely in DR to understand the work that Pedro does and even how the oppression we see exists to the present.

We are also continuing to learn about each other which will surely only strengthen our documentary and add to the value of the experiences we will have together in the DR.

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