Things that are important…

What I want to write about is things that are important that I have not necessarily learned in the classroom, but rather from participating from afar. The most important thing that I have learned is that not everything will work out as it is supposed to.  My first example of this was when I was trying to listen to some online lectures that had been posted so I could complete an assignment.  Of course it technology decided that the link to said lectures should be broken and therefore strand me unable to listen to the lectures late at night.

That incident was a great reminder that patience is really a virtue that is vitally important in the Dominican Republic because the pace of life is so much more relaxed and slower than in the U.S.  You have to be willing to work around situations that arise without foresight and be able to respond in a relatively calm manner.

Another fine example of this was in the airport, we missed our connection to Santiago, and had to get on a flight to Santo Domingo so that we could avoid spending a night in the airport.  Instead of waiting in a line for hours on end we made the decision to go straight towards the gate that the flight to Santo Domingo left from and speak to the gate agent. We explained our situation and worked around a unplanned problem.  

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