These stories are going to be tough to tell

I have had a lot of time to reflect in recent days, mostly because of certain airlines and the Chicago O’Hare airport not getting along, and I wanted to share some of those reflections.

1. I experienced a lot in the Dominican Republic. I believe that each and every one of us on the trip did. It affected each of us differently, but each of us was affected by the experiences we had. I hope that the members of this trip are able to share that common experience and let others know about it.

2. This documentary is going to be tough to put together. If we were to share every single story that we heard or experienced on this trip, the documentary would be a) very, very lengthy and b) a never-ending editing process. So we are going to be cutting out a lot of information to share the most moving parts with you, the viewer.

3. Traveling to the Dominican Republic has changed my view on the world and has given me a lot of questions to answer. Things look different when viewed under the lens of another culture, and I believe that has been very good for me. Seeing a “middle class” country and then coming back to the States has been a bit off-setting. Am I going to be able to share my time (as opposed to money, material goods, etc.) just like the families we stayed with in Majagual? How can I fight for human rights and for people who are marginalized, like those we saw in Dajabon and on the International Highway? Will the stories I tell influence someone else to do good?

4. I hope to travel again someday, and someday soon. Seeing the immaterial wealth of another culture and of a people is something I would like to continue.

The stories I experienced and heard over the past two weeks are some that I will carry with me and remember for the rest of my life. Ask me about them, I would love to talk about them. Thank you for all of your support and for reading my blog. I do appreciate it.

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