There are Some Things Time Can’t Buy, for Everything Else There’s Backpacking in the Dominican Republic.

Weeks of summer session, 5.

Hours of class per day, 4.

Professors, 3.

Weeks of class completed, 2.

Adventures, 1.

Spending time in an 84 degree class room, filled with the smell of oatmeal and coffee, while learning a semesters worth of knowledge about film, journalism, and theology in a 2 week session… Priceless.

Although I have learned many things within the past 2 weeks of class, there is one thing that stands above the rest; on a pedestal if you will. That specific thing is… I can’t decide. I tried to think of one specific thing that I could elaborate on. One thing that has really thrown me in a new direction, but to tell you the truth I believe just being involved in this experience has changed me and we haven’t even left for the Dominican Republic yet!

I can tell you one thing I have learned that I truly appreciate, not to degrade any of our academic learning because it has been more valuable than I could have ever dreamt of, but I have loved getting to know and learning about the lives of the fellow students who are beginning this experience with me. For instance: Amy only likes to eat oatmeal on days that end in ‘y’; Rachel J likes to dress like me almost everyday; Scott struggles with his packing list on whether to bring a one piece or two piece swimsuit; Rachel B obviously can answer any question about the DR, just ask her; Gaby throws awesome pizza parties; Jen is the go to girl when no one knows what the heck is going on in class; Morgan loves answering Dr. O’Keefe’s questions; Peter has to super power of invisibility; Carol bakes like Betty Crocker; Tim has a phobia of shoes; and Dr. O’Keefe can rock a bandanna.

All of this information would be left unknown in the mind of Emily had I not taken this class. I have learned so much about these 11 individuals and I know I will learn so much FROM them as we continue to stay together and learn together. Our class is becoming a union, a family living together, sharing together, being together, changing together, and traveling together.

Go Backpacking Class of Summer of ’10

Until we meet again…


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