The Process of Uncovering a Life That Has Been Untold

I believe so far the most imporant thing I have learned is how to run the camera.  I was so clueless before we started this class! So it is definitely good that Tim taught us that, plus its just alittle bit important for the mere fact we are in a journalism class that is shooting a documentary.  The trip to the DR is to illistrate this point of view of a man that has done wonderful things for the Domincan Republic, yet has been over looked for years.  For the piece to be as exceptional as I believe it will be, it was important to learn the basics of how to run the video camera. Its more complicated than I would have ever expected and granted, not everything will/can be taught in two weeks that needs to be taught.  In the last week though, I have learned about so many techy terms, video angles, and sound tips that I never knew existed.  Its pretty scary when I watch T.V. and can point out what they did wrong or right.  I believe with the basic knowledge of video that we have and will gain plus lots of passion, it will be amazing how far the skills will take this project.  In the end, not only do we want to represent Creighton well, we want to represent Pedro and the Dominican Republic to the best of our abilities.  This man is incredible.  (Our film will tell you all about him, just wait!) 

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