The Previous Writing Adventures of Emily

My previous writing experience is not that impressive. Yes, I have written for my high school newspaper, which was very eventful and fun to be involved with my fellow classmates, but that hardly counts as “sign me up for the New York Times”. I really liked writing for the school newspaper because we were able to inform the town about the events that were taking place in school and we also had fun, random topics of the week to keep people laughing. I came up with a section in our paper called “How you feel behind your wheel” and went around to interview students about how they felt when they drove their cars. It was really fun, and since I drove a “beater”, if you will, car to school, I learned about the nicest cars in school, the worst cars in school, and everything in between.

While writing isn’t my favorite pastime, I do enjoy it every now and then. If I am writing about a topic on which I am truly passionate about, I can write it out in no time flat. On the other hand, if you would ask me to write a history paper, it would be like pulling teeth for me to get the paper finished. I am a fair weather writer, and although I know that I will not always be able to write about things I enjoy, I am working on overcoming my stubbornness towards boring topics. It is a daunting task.

When I write it is mostly for papers for school. My writing process is very random. Sometimes I am feeling ambitious and I can get a paper done two weeks before it is due, while other times it can be the night before. I also cannot start my paper until I have the perfect introduction. But no matter how soon or how late I finish a paper, I will be making corrections on it until I print it off. I get bored with the words that I read over and over again, so I often change some every time I read through my paper. Even though that might not be the best way to handle it, I find that this process has brought me the most success. So why change the routine?

I am excited to explore my writing ability, and to be challenged in new ways when we travel to the Dominican Republic. I even brought along a journal to try to engage in new types of writing. This should be a wonderful experience.

Until we meet again.




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