The Impact of a Profile

For this blog, I read the article “All She Has, $150,000, Is Going to a University,” written by Rick Bragg. This article brought emotions out of me that very few pieces of writing have accomplished. There is no comparable feeling than the sensation one gets when they produce a great opening introduction. This is exactly what Bragg achieved. He starts this article with an opening that keeps readers glued to the story, and ends it with a sentence that quite possibly wets those glued eyes. This is the type of writer I inspire to be, this is the type of product I want to produce. I want to capture my audience and to give them goose bumps. I want to change people’s lives with as little as a few words.

As we are assigned a new homework project, making a profile of a fellow student, I am trying to capture as much “Bragg-ness” as possible. Within his story, I got chills multiple times just from the images he puts forth on paper. He puts people’s thoughts into words, people’s dreams into action, and people’s stories into headlines.

There were many parts of the article that caught my eye, but I was really intrigued by the quotes. I have been told that, in a paper, quotes are my strong point. Even though I do not directly plan it, I usually design my paper around the perfect quotes. Once I get started, I know exactly where I am going and find the ideal transition quotes to get me there.   

I know that I need to enhance my reporting skills in order to become a better journalist, but the passion and thrill of making a story come to life is far too distracting and most other factors fade into the background.

I want to change someone’s life by telling their story. If I can make a difference in one person’s life then I believe I have achieved a gift greater than the satisfaction of simply doing a good job writing a story.

To all that are reading, and to all who have been following me:

I hope I am leaving you with some insight into the heart and mind of Emily. I want you to learn about me through this blog, and by the end I would like to speak to you the way this article has spoken to me.

Until we meet again_

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