The Heat of Cien Fuegos Was Felt Today!

Today was the last day of filming. I think everyone felt sad to actually have it end. Last night we had a talk about what shots we needed to get and what we needed to improve on. So today everyone stepped up and got some great footage of the slums; people living just above the level of starvation.

I think today was the hardest day for me. I was really sad to end shooting because Pedro is an amazing person and I learned so much from him. He faces problems head on and is not afraid of a challenge . “A man can change his stars” and that is what Pedro is doing for those who don’t have the ability to do it for themselves.

The slums were really hard to walk through today. The people didn’t want to be filmed, and the children were walking around with no clothes on or barely any clothes on. At the end of the day, Kyle took Rachel, Amy, and I with Roberto to the water run off region. They call it “black water” because it is literally black. It consists of raw sewage and smells horrible. This water runs through the city, and at the mouth of the canal there were broken chairs, whole bags of trash, t-shirts, and a plethora of rats. When we asked for directions, a local Dominican told Roberto, “Show these Americans how we live. Please show them so they know. Show them the black water. Show them our reality.” It was so sad; I cannot describe how I felt when he said that to us. It really makes you think.

So here’s to the hope of drinking clean water.


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