Surprise :)

This is a short blog, that is really a continuation of my last one. Turns out there is a space limit on these things.  Who knew?  Not me. 


Today was very different, but so very awesome 🙂

WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!!!  You say, “Wait wait, that is not what your calender of events said you were doing on Thursday.”  And you would be correct.

Turns out, today is a National Holiday.


So to the beach we went.  Sosua, to be exact(ish).  It was BEAUTIFUL.  White sand.  Clear water.  The Carribean and I get along very well.  The sun and I, however, do not.  I am a tomato.  Emily is wicked great and let me use her aloe 🙂  What a nice lady. 

So there were many adventures at the beach.  Examples?  Ok.  Examples:

  • Banana boat.  It’s funny, cause we paid to be on the boat, but spent most of our time in the water.  Mr. Peak was responsable for that.  Haha but it was a blast.
  • Shopping 🙂  Bartering was done so well.  Good job team.
  • We met Richard!  He’s 8, and he’s my new best friend.  We drew lots of pictures in the sand. 
  • Lots of singing, lots of bonding, LOTS of pictures, and lots of relaxing

Plus so much more.  It was an awesome chance to regroup and get ready for another intense day of shooting tomorrow.  Which I am so excited for. 

Due to having to wake up at an earlier than preferred time tomorrow, I am now going to bed. Buenos noches 🙂

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