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Hi there!

This is Gaby again and I am one of the Creighton students lucky enough to spend some time in the Dominican Republic this Summer, camera in hand. We (some students, some teachers…all explorers) are leaving the continent with the intention of experiencing Dominican culture and making some friends along the way. We are especially focused on how Catholicism is expressed in various settings across the Dominican Republic and being able to capture life and theology through the practice of backpack journalism. 

Backpack journalism–for those who don’t already know, as I didn’t–is a form of Broadcast Journalism that requires the journalist (us) to be reporter, cameraman/woman, editor and producer of stories, often in remote places that are inaccessible to regular field reporters and camera crews. [Courtesy of Wikipedia] Each student endeavors to be the individual backpack journalist, but we are going about it together. Once we return with footage of both beautiful and more challenging aspects of the DR, we will put it all together in a film to share with all of you. 

Journalism is new to me, advanced camera and editing skills are new to me, and blogging is definitely new to me. So this is an adventure into more than just the country of the Dominican Republic, but a chance to pick up new and useful skills. 

The first week has started out well. Dr. O’Keefe has introduced us to some well known and some lesser known facts about the development of Christianity. Vatican II is basically blowing my mind. I have been Catholic for 20 years and I feel like I’m learning so much stuff about this religion for the first time. Its very frustrating, but also exciting. I think I definitely need the weekend to process some of the texts we read this week and things we discussed.

Playing with Final Cut is super fun too! Final cut is a sort of superior way of editing film, and is the type of program I’ve never been able to just figure out on my own. I have had the program on my computer for two years and I am finally learning how to use it! Mr. Guthrie is awesome at telling us what we absolutely CANNOT forget (like to press the record button–oops!), what we sort of really should remember (to get all of the camera angles and hold for 15 seconds), and what most of us probably don’t need to know cause its too advanced (I have no examples because I am one of the people that probably don’t need remember it).

Talking about journalism and feature writing is so far looking like it is going to be the biggest challenge for me. I discovered from interviewing Rachel that interviewing is NOT as easy as it looks! And that feature writing is way more complicated than I thought. –Being able to appreciate a well written piece, is much different than writing one on your own. It is also looking a bit daunting to write about our friends who will probably read this profile. I want to make Rachel read as amazing as she is, and not limit her awesomeness by my newness with feature writing!

Luckily our traveling group is small and becoming more intimate everyday. Just tonight I went to the new movie Robin Hood–which was surprisingly good–and when I got in the car with the other girls I was going to the movie with, Morgan was there, yaay!! So one by one, even unintentionally, those who don’t already know each other well are beginning to.

Will check in later will more updates on our progress next week!



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