Saturday: A day of rest, learning and guaguas

Woke up, had breakfast, and went to the classroom to learn about the history of the Dominican Republic from Kyle Woolley. I took a few pages of notes and learned a few things along the way. It makes me a little nervous for the trip to Haiti because of the strained relations between the two countries but it makes me look forward to learning more as well.

In the afternoon, we headed to La Sirena (similar to a Super Walmart) on a guagua (taxi/bus/crammed van) and went shopping. It was crazy to see all the things that were sold and for how much. I was also impressed with how large the store was but all in all it was a fun trip. We headed back to ILAC via guagua and it was crammed full of at least 25 people. It was pretty warm but we made it back safe and sound.

Hearing the lecture Saturday morning also pointed something else out to me: I have learned so much over these few days I have been in the Dominican Republic. My education has been nowhere near classroom based but has been out in the world. I have had my eyes opened on more than one occasion to the realities of injustices in this world of ours. I look forward to doing what I can to help tell the stories of what I have seen so far in these few short days.

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