Sandwich, Chips, Fruit, Drink, or Dessert?

As I sit here trying to write this blog post I keep typing in sentences, pressing command+A and deleting it all. I start off with one thing, and realize I want to go in another direction, and then halfway through that thought begin to think, oh wait! no! I should start this way! And I’m back to square one.Quite frankly however, that’s exactly how my mind is working and feeling in this second week of class.

Now a bit further into all of the material, connecting the theology lessons to what we will be encountering in the Dominican Republic, talking about potential interview questions for Pedro and piecing together sequences, the experience is finally becoming more and more real. It has finally hit me that in just one week’s time we will be having class in the DR and although I am excited I am also very nervous.

Out of all the diverse things we’ve covered in just the short amount of time that we’ve been in class, I find it nearly impossible to determine the one thing that is more important than all the rest. That’s like asking what my favorite part of the meal is, the sandwhich, chips, fruit, drink or dessert. Each aspect is individually unique, yet essential to the whole.

The theology portion of the course has certainly been interesting so far mostly because I don’t have much experience with the Catholic Church and so I have found it intriguing to learn about its history, conflicts and main teachings. I especially enjoyed learning about Catholic Social Teaching this morning because it puts into context some of the things that many Creighton students are so passionate about. 

Shooting video has also been a challenging yet extremely beneficial process as I am realizing how much work goes into getting good footage.  Creating our own videos was great because it made me realize just what things I needed to shoot in order to make the video coherent and gave me ideas of what I can definitely improve. 

Lastly, I have enjoyed the writing portion of the class,in which I was able to interview Morgan and write about my experiences in this blog. Although I am fairly confident in my interview skills it was fun to talk with Morgan and learn about her beyond the classroom setting. Although I was hesitant to start another blog this will be a great place to collect my thoughts as well as read what my classmates have to say.

Overall, although I may feel slightly overwhelmed at times, each aspect of this class is proving to be important to it’s over-arching goal of creating a team of Backpacking Journalists. In just one short week I will be writing from a computer in the Dominican Republic! 

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