Ready to Return

The culture shock has finally hit me.  The past two weeks my group and I have been the center of attention by the Dominicans and after returning to the states we are just another group of people in the world.  It is quite crazy to think about.  In the Dominican Republic we were guests to many and it felt as if most Dominicans would have done anything for us.  While in Cien Fuegos men and women took time out of their day to take us on a tour of their town.  The filming of Pedro amazed me not only in his work with his Church and his community, but this man’s hospitality to our group within his town.  The first day of our interviews we had found out that Pedro’s mother had recently passed away.  Yet, he still went through with the plans of filming the documentary.  Pedro took it upon his self to show us many different parts of Cien Fuegos and then went through with two interviews. 

The next part of our adventure in Dominican Republic fell nowhere near short of being remarkable.  The campo showed us just how much more generous the people of the Dominican Republic are.  By the end of the trip these people did more than make us their guests, they made us their family.  In the campo, Raquel’s and my family would make us a daily coffee in the morning.  While in the afternoon our madre would bring us a new fruit to try.  The family went out of their way to compensate our limited Spanish speaking abilities with activities that didn’t involve too much Spanish, well most of the time.  Still, even with the language barrier I believe we communicated pretty well.  I can’t wait to return again to the island, this time with more goodies for the kids and a better ability to speak their language!

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