Ready, Set, Here We Go!

I began packing tonight and it has hit me.  I will be leaving Omaha to fly over the ocean into the Dominican Republic!  How crazy is that?  Plus, I have no idea what to bring for clothes.   Just so you guys know I am the best at over packing for trips.  Normally, for a weekend cattle show I would have a huge duffel bag of clothes plus another bag that contains hair supplies and shower stuff.  I can’t bring that much to the Dominican Republic, that would be outrageous.  These people live in severe poverty and I care about what I look like.  I’m hoping this trip will help me refocus my sense of gravity and help me have a better outlook on life.  Actually, I know it will.  Every person who has been fortunate enough to go to the DR has talked about how life changing the trip has been.  What I am looking forward to is how the Dominicans change my life.  Every person’s story is different.  Amongst the reading for class I have been trying to read a book called In the Time of the Butterflies, recommended by Dr. Hurley a surgeon in St. Louis who has four children that have or are attending Creighton. The book so far is about a family and how it has to deal with the new leadership of the DR.  I know only one girl remains out of the three sisters(the other two were killed by the government officials I believe) and Dr. Hurley was able to meet the surviving sister.  From our conversation a few weeks ago that seemed to be one of his favorite experiences so far. 

I just need to sit back and let the grace of God pull me in the direction he wants me to go.  I believe if I let that happen, I will have an AMAZING trip!

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