Rambling post for fun

If only I could get Johnny Depp to narrate this for me…

I am just posting this rambling bit o’ text just to make sure I have posted at least one thing.  

Obviously, I will be focused on video, not the writing aspect of this course.  Still, I am thrilled to be participating in every aspect of the course and I am really looking forward to our travel.

A friend just told me last night, “You have travelled to more countries than anyone I know.”  I responded that his statement couldn’t be true since he must know Don Doll.  However, it turns out he doesn’t know Fr. Doll (and I thought everyone knew Don). 

Other than the parts of Africa I travelled to when I lived there, I haven’t spent a lot of time in places like the Dominican Republic.  I had always wanted to go to the DR since I was a student, but it just never happened.  There is a subtle social/political component to much of my current work [see image] and I am really looking forward to our time in the DR. 

It appears we have a very bright and ambitious group and that only makes me all the more thrilled to go. 

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