Processing. ((insert Final Cut Pro spinning transferring icon here…)

Holy cow this week has gone by fast! As the title above indicates, I am still trying to get myself to process everything going on around me this week. From theology podcasts, to learning how to shoot video sequences, to a bit of writing on the side, it is definitely a lot to process. As I sit here looking at the keys below my fingers the rest of the room begins to spin, making me feel like the processing icon from Final Cut Pro. 

Starting off the week with theology I was interested in finding out what we were going to cover, and was glad to cover a bit of the history of the church in order to better fully understand the church in the DR. I’ll admit that I slacked a bit on the theology since then as moving has kept me busy outside of class. But tonight, listening to the podcasts by Dr. Michael Lawer I was greatly intrigued and interested in learning about the ecumenical council of Vatican II. I am excited to hear more about it tomorrow in class! 

The JMC portion of the experience has been rewarding although it is proving challenging as well. Although I am lucky to already have some reporting experience from the Creightonian and other articles, the video portion has proved to take some practice. Despite recording footage for over an hour last night, this morning in trying to put it together I found that I had missed shots, or quite frankly didn’t have much interesting content to work with. I may try recording more this weekend in attempts to get better at it. Practice makes perfect right?

All in all, although it’s overwhelming, the trip is becoming more of a reality. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to spend time with the group that is going and I can’t wait to spend the next four weeks with them. Considering how fast this week has gone I can only hope I can discipline myself to slow down and take a second to enjoy the ride! 


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