Positively Profiled

The different styles of writing that are out there today are endless; and as a student, employee, family member, and the like, I have been exposed to many of them.  From term papers to in class essays, cover letters to thank you notes, I have definitely done my fair share of writing.  But one form of writing I have not taken on is that of writing profiles.  I will admit that this task seemed a bit daunting to me in the beginning, merely because I was not sure of how to go about it.  But now that we have discussed the different characteristics of writing profiles in class and have read an example of one such writing ourselves, I am feeling a little bit better about writing my own profile on someone else.  Actually, I am kind of excited about it. 

The profile writing example we took a look at in class was very well done.  I was impressed by WHAT I learned about the lady it focused on, Oseola McCarty, and I was impressed by HOW I learned it.  The example was not necessarily difficult to read and was relatively straightforward, but it was powerful.  The profile was simple yet sophisticated, light yet engaging, concise yet complete.  It was not a piece of writing that only highly educated individuals could understand, but one that could be enjoyed by the general population.  I definitely appreciated this because I think it is so important for the many selfless people of the world, like Miss McCarty, to be recognized for their contributions to society by anyone and everyone.    

That being said, I now feel a little more confident in my ability to tackle this profile writing business.  These profiles are not about writing a challenging piece of literature, but about writing a passionate piece of work on a person who has a story to tell.  I absolutely love conversing with others about their lives, and if I can be the one to let their voices be heard through my writing, I will feel accomplished.  It is so exciting to think that our small group gets to travel south and experience something completely new with the people that call the Dominican Republic home.  My only hope is that I can give the people whom we interview justice for the lives they live day in and day out.      

In opening my eyes and my heart to the stories of others,

Ray J

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