Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

Well, I am still waiting to hear that phrase… “Please fasten your seat belts for takeoff.”  I love this part of the flight because it means that I am going to stop sitting in a plane that isn’t moving and start moving towards my destination.  Being a regular Southwest Airlines passenger is always entertaining because they seem to have several ways of doing this, by singing it or even if you are lucky they will rap it.  Just check it out for yourself. Click Here.


It hasn’t come yet but it sure will be here soon because there are only 7 more days until we leave for the Dominican Republic.  I am very excited to get down there and see some familiar faces, not only of my class, but also from the workers at ILAC who I grew to know quite well of the 4 months that I spent down there. I am excited about the language, the people, the smells, the food, the pace of life, and mostly about making a documentary in a place that I called home for 4 months.

Although we are only there for 10 days I know that we will experience and learn a lot both from class time and time in the city, because I have learned that the best way to learn is by talking to people and hearing their story.  Hearing Pedro’s story will without a doubt be a great experience because he has done some amazing things with the community of Cien Fuegos.  To me he seems like one of those amazing people that you read about in books or see in movies, except this time I am meeting him and I am making that movie about him that will help get his name out there.

 7 more days! 

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