Pay attention to that woman behind the curtain

I love these photos of our team, photos that range from the semi-serious to the mostly sllly. What you don’t see is the woman behind the camera, Angie Shields.  Yet, without her, you certainly would not be reading this.

Angie’s title in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is technology coordinator. What that means is she has taught our intro to mass comm technology classes, developed and designed a new department website and developed and expanded the Creightonian online site.

In between — and there’s not much spare time — she works with professors to introduce students to video and video editing in their classes. 

Her work on the backend of all these websites makes them happen, allows students and faculty to post stories, photos and video. She has coached student web developers to add comments to the Creightonian site as well as other changes and improvements.  While much of that backend work is hidden from those reading the content on the web, the relatively seamless way the sites interact with those producing the content and consuming the content is due to her hard work. 

What sets her apart is her quiet expertise and competent way of doing things. I know I depend on her and all too often take advantage of her good nature. Like getting these photos taken of  our backpack team. Hey Angie, can you help me with this? I think she hears that a million times during the day. And she always helps. I know my work is much better because of her help and expertise.

Here’s a photo of the woman behind the curtain. Thanks, Angie, for all you do. 


Carol Zuegner

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I am a journalism professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I teach writing, social media, media entrepreneurship, international mass communication and I am lucky enough to be a part of Backpack Journalism. I focus on interviewing, writing and being Mama Zoogs.

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