One Less

Tonight was interesting.  I had left class early to go to Emergency Room to volunteer.  It was not like something out of the ordinary happened, but it is tonight I handled the experience of the emergency room differently.  That is why it was quite interesting to me. Tonight, I actually stood up for what I believed in and didn’t allow other people to degrade another human being.  It was priceless as the looks on the other people’s faces were worth a thousand words.   I think at one instant they wanted to call me crazy and the next instant I think they might have understood my point just a little bit.  The past two weeks spent in the Dominican Republic I had meet people who are grateful for mostly everything they have and yet members of their own country and other parts of the world are constantly degrading them.  I realize I am missing a big part of the D.R.’s story by not being able to speak their language but I believe I have an idea of their story.  Tonight I tried speaking about it, except I don’t know how far it got me.  At least I tried.  For months I have experienced people who sit back in the emergency room and don’t believe some human beings have the same level of dignity as they do. Tonight, I tried fixing that or at least I tried to.   (I’m sorry for anyone who is confused however with all of the HIPAA regulations I have to leave my night pretty vague.)  I realize we are thousands of miles away from the Dominican Republic and one Midwestern girl’s voice is not going to impact them from here in Nebraska.  However, I stood up for someone tonight.  There was one less person in this world who was degraded by others, maybe it only lasted for a few seconds.   But all I can do is try. 

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