My True Confessions about Writing

I will be the first person to admit that writing, it’s not quite my thing.  One may ask then, why spend five weeks of your summer in a class about journalism?  Well, I wanted to travel and after hearing about many Creighton students who loved the Dominican Republic, I was convinced that I wanted to travel there.   One of the numerous trips to the DR that Creighton University offers is the Backpacking Journalism class, and it had become know to me through a flyer in my dorm.  I emailed Dr. Zuegner on Friday afternoon, and by Monday I was filling out paperwork to begin the long process of preparing to travel overseas.  Now that I have paid my dues, updated all my shots, and bought my first passport, it is time for the class work to begin!  The class work consists of reading, writing, and filming.  I believe the most challenging part of the class will be allowing other peers to see my work that I complete.  (This blog is the first step to overcoming that fear!) I have never consider myself that good at the writing process and seem to always question whether I have written a good paper or not.  Maybe if I improved my writing process I would end up with a better paper.  My process ussually consists of writing partial ideas down on a scrap paper and refering to them at a later date.  I find this better for my style of writing, it allows for more room flexiblity while writing instead of a formal outline.  After the paper is completely written, I proof read my paper.  After that I have a friend proofread my paper.  A place I found very helpful was the writing center and I learned that Fr. K loved when his students would take the time and effort to get the extra help.  This past semester in Fr. K’s class he asked us to write six papers and each paper was completely different than the previous paper.  These papers challenged not only my brainstorming skills and writing skills, but taught me how to accept criticism.  I am very thankful that I had him as my professor and now I am very excited to better my writing skills in the next four and a half weeks with Dr. Zuegner!

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