My Second Family

The Dominican Republic is amazing. We just finished our three day stay at a campo and I want to go back. The first week we filmed in the city and I felt such emotion for those children, but now I realize after living with a family that they are far luckier than me. First off they wake up to beautiful scenery every morning.  It’s magnificent.  The campo we stayed in was on the slope of a mountain that over looked the ocean.  Second, the families seem not to take anything for granted.  They spend their time together and with friends playing dominos, dancing, and eating.  My family was always laughing and smiling; no one ever seemed to be angry.  Dominicans spend time in the moment, instead of living with electronics constantly beeping.  I’m starting to enjoy “Dominican Time” now.  Third, these people have an unlimited amount of fruit.  Mangos, pineapple, water apples, you name it and they probably can find it. How lucky are they to be able to go outside and pick what you want to snack on!  Fourth, they work for what they have and deserve it.  We spent the last couple of days helping pour cement into houses and the men that helped us were crazy strong.  Sweat would be dripping off of their face and never stopped to wipe it off.  They put us Americans to shame with how talented they are. 

Unfortunately, my time here in the Dominican Republic is almost done.  I want to thank the lovely family who housed me and Raquel.  This family already has ten kids but offered to take in two more.  All I can say, I feel privileged to have meet them. 

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