More than beaches and baseball

This time in the Dominican Republic has been nothing short of incredible. My life goals and things on my “bucket list” have increased by quite a few items. Spanish is slowly coming back to me and I am becoming slightly more comfortable with all that I learned in high school and college. I have found that I would really like to be able to communicate to these people in their language, and as close to fluently as possible. I would like to hear more stories about people all around the world and I would love to challenge myself and travel to places that need stories told. May be a lofty goal but why can’t I aim high?

To catch everyone up a little bit since my last post, on Wednesday our group went into Cien Fuegos, a very impoverished neighborhood built up around a trash dump. More on that in a bit. On Thursday, we went to Sosua Beach for a bit of relaxing and we went with Tom Kelly’s class, which was a blast. On Friday, we went back to finish up shooting in Cien Fuegos. On Saturday, we had a lecture on the Dominican Republic by Kyle and headed by guagua into Santiago to go shopping at La Sirena.

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