More than a journey …

I promise I haven’t been negligent in procrastinating this blog post, honest I’ve been thinking about it ever since 6:30 this morning when I got up with the best of intentions to write it right then. But I wanted to do it right. 

Today was our last day of formal class, our last day of class in the U.S of A, our last chance to ask any questions to clear anything up before Monday’s departure when it really will be “game on” as my favorite Morgan Braaten aka sharky says.

While I continue to make a to-do list, one of my favorite things to keep myself organized, I remember a nugget of wisdom I got off a Dove chocolate wrapper recently, “Life is not one big to-do list.” I couldn’t have asked for a better reminder. 

This trip is not about our agenda, though I know we will work with everything we can get. This trip is certainly not about my agenda, as I left my favorite spot on campus, the gym, for the last time for two whole weeks. It’s about taking the things that we’ve learned both in these two short weeks as well as throughout our entire experience as Creighton students, and attempting to make a difference in our world. 

My goal for these weeks is simple, to love every moment, live every moment, and leave the experience knowing I gave it my all. It’s not going to be easy to let go of everything and just let things come as they will, but allowing myself to embrace rather than resist it is the first step to becoming a fuller and more enriched person overall. 

Spiritually, I can only hope this trip will open my eyes to God’s grace as well as challenge me to understand my own faith journey, where I am, where I’m going and where I’d like to be. From writing my blog for the Creightonian this past year I have become much more aware of God’s presence in all that I do, but going to an impoverished nation I have no doubt my faith will be tested.

Okay, so the flood gates have officially opened and all that I have been mulling over all day is at risk of taking over our home page. Lord, give us wisdom as we impart on our journey together, but more importantly this journey with you. Thank you for the opportunity we have been given to get a glimpse of the true people of God, and for giving us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ in their lives. Amen. 

– a.e. 

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