This part of the story has much less to do with our documentary and much more to do with us learning an incredible lesson from the amazing people of Majagual.  Wednesday was our last night in the campo, and I think that everyone really dug into the experience on this night not wanting to miss anything while we were there.  Wednesday was our first full day of work were we all got a taste of hard work.  Seeing that we had completely underestimated what we would be doing and be astonished by how the Dominicans seemed to work as machines.

It would also seem at this time in the trip many of our perceptions of the DR have changed.  They have changed because of what we experienced in the last week of the trip.  The experience of Dajabon and Majagual gave us a great look into the other side of Dominicans reality and or lives.  Although we only received a very small window into their lives it was enough for us to realize many things about ourselves and and about the people who we were living with.

The way that I see us telling all the stories that we have seen is by exploring all the ways that people have changed, and exploring those peoples stories to help explain how they accomplished all that they have in the Cien Fuegos area.  I think it would be hard not to look at these people and see the hard work they have done in their eyes and their faces.

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