Life is good

I am sitting in the open-air dining hall, listening to the choir at the church practice for Mass that starts in about 15 minutes. A slight breeze is blowing in the huge screen windows, and I can see out to the courtyard with its bright pink and orange flowers surrounded by palm trees.

The past two days have been incredible. On Friday, we had our last day of filming Pedro. The students were terrific, focused and full of energy. Their shots were amazing — you can see stills of some of their shots on Facebook. The day was hard because seeing the poverty, doing what you have to do to get the pictures seems intrusive. But the people we met along the way were all so welcoming and warm.

We head to Dajabon — the border between Haiti and the DR — for what will be a difficult experience. Then on Tuesday we go to the campo for our true immersion into the culture. Families will let us stay with them. During the day, we will work on a couple of projects — building latrines, pouring concrete floors.

The church bells are ringing. Time to go.

Carol Zuegner

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I am a journalism professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I teach writing, social media, media entrepreneurship, international mass communication and I am lucky enough to be a part of Backpack Journalism. I focus on interviewing, writing and being Mama Zoogs.

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