Life is a beach

Schedule changes meant today was our beach day. It’s a national holiday in the Dominican Republic, which moved our shooting schedule.

We loved the beach. It was a Dominican beach with few tourists. We also had another group with us — Tom Kelly’s Dominican class. The beach was in a cove, lined with trees and shops. We got wonderful shaded tables (near a bathroom) and settled in for the day. 

People swam, rode a banana boat (large yellow inflatable pulled by a speedboat), careened on a tube behind a speedboat, walked the beach, shopped and just relaxed. My lunch was a wonderful fried red snapper — I think I saw the raw fish before it was caught — fried plantains, french fries, some vegetables, beans and rice. And beer. We were serenaded and Emily and Morgan joined the band for one number.

A few people got a little sunburnt, but no major redness.

And our team rocks. After the long day and a quick dinner, we gathered to critique video and talk about our shooting tomorrow. Everyone was so on task.  A teaser: We do have some terrific behind-the-scenes video.

We work with Pedro again tomorrow, talking about the environment. 





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