Let’s Go Racing!

Tuesday afternoon let me embark on my first true, some-what correct film making experience.  That day I loaded up my car with my tripod and backpack to head to the Reetz family residence.  Here, I emptied my bag to set up my camera with the needed tools while my own best friend laughed at me!  Without too much of a hesitation I explained the needed shots: close ups, medium shots, wide shots, over the shoulder shots, and the establishing shots.  One again, she laughed.  From here Joe wheeled his go-kart to their track and we got started.  It took me a few minutes, plus or minus a few, to figure out how to angle the camera to get some still shots.  It was somewhat awkward at first, hence the fact the track slanted downward towards the center of the track.  In never imaged I needed to practice getting different angles of the film on different types of surfaces, but I did.  I guess in life not every part of the ground is flat.  The next problem I faced, the hundred and eighty degree rule!  That was the most difficult.  When I wanted a shot of the tires or track I keep trying to draw imaginary lines and tried not to cross them.   In the process I took some close of shots that I absolutely loved and I couldn’t use them in the video.  At first I felt like I needed to use every great shot I got, it didn’t quite work that way though.  I learned that the shot might look amazing with the lighting and angle, but if you don’t have a place in the video that it’s going to look right, it’s quite pointless to include it in the edit of the film.   I’m still working on the clip, but I hope to be able to show it in the near future!  I wish to thank Joe and Ashley for being patient with my lack of video skills, I believe the video will turn out great!   

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