It Just Feels Right to Write

I was always the kid who wanted to do a million different things.  I could want to be a cowgirl at breakfast, and by dinner have my heart set on being an astronaut.  I was completely sincere in all of my dreams, I just had so many of them.

But writing…that was one thing that never changed.

I have been writing my whole life.  What I was writing, however, changed constantly.  When I was in elementary school, I used to write plays and have my sisters act them out for my parents.  My favorite one was about a girl who made an origami frog who came to life.  They had all sorts of adventures.  I think I even wrote a sequel…

In middle school I loved writing stories.  It was a way for me to experience things that I never would in real life.  I could do anything I wanted to.  

Early on in high school I was an emotional teenager(very unoriginal of me).  I wrote in a journal almost daily, and if something really upsetting happened(like my crush didn’t wave at me in the hall), I turned to poems or the occasional song lyrics. 

 My writing was all over the place.  But it was always there.

It’s one thing that I always have and always will love.  Well, when I am the one who wants to do it, anyway.  I tend to get very frustrated writing papers for school.  I can do it, and usually they turn out well, but I can stare at my computer for hours with nothing to say.  The topics tend to be terribly unoriginal, and the teacher knows what he wants you to write before he has even assigned it.  There is no room for creativity.  But even worse, there is no room for voice.  That’s my favorite part of writing.  I love being able to make things my own, and with assigned papers that tends to be frowned upon.

People don’t learn how to write in college.  They learn how to type out facts and say things that their teacher will agree with.  

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

It is hard for me to not put my opinions into my writing.  I have been told so many times when I get my papers back.  

When I write, I do so without a plan. If I plan things out it becomes forced and awkward.  I would much rather sit down, start writing, and just see where it takes me.  

[Sometimes that gets me in trouble.  Sometimes it doesn’t.]

 But I digress.  

 I love writing, which is one of the reasons I am so excited for this trip.  I feel like there are so many stories down there that are just waiting to be told.

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