International Road: Mangos Gilore

While in Dajobón last week I noticed the despiration as people quickly traveled back and forth on the bridge with huge loads, only to drop them off and return for more. Monday and Friday are the only two days that Haitians are permitted to come into Dajabón in order to shop for what they need for the week. Imagining if that were a reality for me, is difficult. I am used to going to the store whenever I feel like it. It is something that I often take for granted. 

When we were on the International Road in between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I was sitting in the front of the bus, crackers in hand so that I would not feel as car sick on account of the windy road and suddenly Elfi, our bus driver stopped. He stuck out his hand and bought five mangos from a small boy possibly around 8-10 years of age. We continued on our way and after turning around we came back to the same house. This time the mother, grandmother, son, and a few small girls were out front with the mangos. Elfi stopped once more and this time I was taken quite by surprise. He asked how many mangos they had and as they frantically, and desperately shuffled mangos from one large sackcloth bag to another, they said eighty-two. Elfi purchased all eighty-two with our whole bus sitting there-stunned. What could he possibly do with eighty-two more mangos? He had also stopped one other time, to get out and pick a few himself. 

Kyle said he thought this was Elfi’s way of contributing and supporting the Haitians. He remembered when Elfi first took groups along the road how he did not enjoy the trip at all and would hardly slow down the bus so that students could get pictures. I have been thinking about this a lot, and the change in a few years time with Elfi’s behavior, is a great example of agape. Loving those who may have a completely different background is so important and I thank Elfi for leading by example along the International Road.  

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