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We are home.  Well, h-omaha, at least.  Back in the country.  

And this song just came on my ipod.  Cue the Fray-

“But this is how the story ends…

Or have we just begun?” 

We are not in the Dominican Republic anymore, but this journey is far from over.  We were able to experience so many things, and now the true test begins, because it is time to tell the stories.  It is time to take what we have seen and use it in a way that will make a difference.  We’re just getting started.

I never thought leaving would be so hard.  

I mean, it was a very intense 10 days.  I thought that by the end, I would be ready for a good nights sleep and all sorts of food that’s terrible for me.  But what I realized is that I would trade it all.  

What is a night in a comfortable bed compared to a night at the top of a mountain surrounded by fire flies?  

What is McDonalds compared to coffee at sunrise with people you love?

They are small things, and I would trade them in a second to go back.  When we were in the plane from Santiago to Miami, I cried.  The second the wheels left the ground I started crying because I just wanted to tell the pilot to stop.  

This experience proved to be so much more than I was expecting.  I can honestly say it’s changed me, and that wasnt something I thought would happen.  I fell in love with a country and its people, and all it took was 10 days.

10 absolutely amazing days.

I am SO glad we all have a week in Omaha together.  If I had to say goodbye to the DR and my new family all in one day, I would have been a mess.  We have all gotten so close, it’s amazing.  Every single person brings something to the table.  Haha it’s seriously the most cohesive group I have ever seen.  Go team 🙂  You all mean the world to me.  

So, what to do on the first day back?  Great question.  Answer-laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry… 

While listening to all the new music we found of course 🙂

Can I get a Plomo?

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