Hola! Estupendo!

I am sitting in the Encuentro Dominicano classroom as I write this. We arrived after an adventurous day of travel and drama — missed planes, rebooking, bus rides in the middle of the night.

We toured the city this morning, then lunch, siesta and planning. We start shooting the documentary on Wednesday. 

The ILAC mission is beautiful. I am staying in a casita (for the professora, said the nice woman who greeted us at 3 a.m.) — a little house in the courtyard. Meals are in a great room with tile floors, high ceilings. The coffee was amazing ( and much needed after about four hours of sleep.) There’s a veranda/walkway surrounding a fountain right outside the dining room, complete with half-dozen cane/woven rocking chairs.

It is hot. And humid. I am trying not to move too much as I type and soak up the breeze and drink my water. 

Some people still are waiting for their bags. I hope they arrive today. I was one of the lucky ones. 



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