Having my cake and eating it too.

“Coming out of Minnesota
I could see the stars had fallen out of line
I look too deep into your words and try to live in mine” –The Color Fred

From now on, I am going to try to start every blog off with a quote or song lyric that relates to my blog. I chose this particular lyric because I just traveled to Minnesota this weekend, and I adore this line in the song. How great a way to speak your mind, while engaging in self truth.

The title of this blog “having my cake and eating it too” normally comes with a bad connotation. I assure you this is none of the sort.

Birthdays are a time of laughter, gatherings, catering of food, and a multitude of presents… when you’re turning 5. As we age birthdays take on an adult meaning. We are expected to work on our birthdays, take the kids to soccer, take out the trash, pay the late bills, and make dinner for the family… when you’re turning 40. So where does that put me, a 20 year old girl, who still acts like she is 6 sometimes. Somewhere between a woman and a child… not to quote Garth Brooks or anything…

This year on my birthday I attended my cousin’s college graduation, which normally happens only once in a lifetime. Today was not about my birthday; silence the phone calls, don’t answer texts, strap on the high heels, put on my best dress, hurry up just to wait, then head to a ceremony of over 1000 graduates, sit 4 hours only to stand for a couple of seconds to scream, “Go Beth” because in that moment birthdays don’t matter… family does.

My quote comes in because after the graduation, I was surprised in the hotel with gifts spralled across the table, my family laughing and having a wonderful time, and crackers and cheese to last a lifetime. Was I turning 5 again?! No, I was turning 20, but having a birthday party fit for the 6 year old that rests in my heart. What a better family to have then one who can bring out the best of both celebrations, and laughter that fills the hallways of a local hotel…

Just being with my family gives me the right to “have my cake and eat it too”.

If you are reading, I love you all very much. The Minnesota trips are always fun and full of memories.

Until next time,

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