Graduation Schmaduation

My brother Ryan is graduating from high school at 8:00 am Thursday morning May 27, 2010 at home in Colorado.  This is a mere four days before we leave for the Dominican Republic and honestly, the title of this entry is exactly how I feel about traveling home for it right now.  I have no motivation to pack everything up, I am stressed about missing the last two 4-hour days of class, and I do not want to miss any group bonding time with my fellow backpack journalists.  As selfish as it sounds, I would just feel so much more relaxed staying here in Omaha for the rest of the week like everyone else.

But I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, and she was telling me about all of our family coming into town, the brunch we will have after the ceremony, and the graduation party this weekend.  I know she too is stressed about making sure everything works out, but I could just tell in her voice how excited she is to have everyone together again.  

As soon as I hung up the phone with her, I felt a lot better about this week.  I know everything will get done and work out.  I realized that this week and even this whole program is not all about me, but about sharing what I am learning and what I will experience with others.  It is about living 100% in the moment TODAY_

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