Go Big or Go Home (Va grande o va casa)

So, this is just a little post to keep you guys updated on my status while I’m down here. No parents to help me out, no real knowledge of the culture, and very little spanish vocalized by me equals one bumpy ride.

For instance, Mom and Dad don’t freak out, I already brushed my teeth with the wrong water today! Oh, well it was for like 2 seconds and our translator Kyle told me I’ll be fine. My motto for this trip is now, “Go Big or Go Home.”

Don’t worry, I am not going to go crazy and get myself into trouble. I am merely using this phrase because I want to embrace the culture I am in. I am on foreign soil, and I am going, to use a overused phrase, do what the “Dominicans” do.

I am going to try new food, sweat constantly for 11 more days, probably get a slightly red color from the sun, and live on Dominican time. Want to leave in 15 minutes? Ok, wait 30 minutes and see if they are even close to being ready to go.

Last night we made nicknames for Gaby and Morgan. Gaby is “miwi”, pronounced like kiwi with an M, because any question we ask she knows, shes like a mini wikipedia! Morgan is now know as Shark Bait, oooh ah ah. She made a comment about sharks biting the sides out of one piece bathing suits, the name stuck… need I say more? We all know one pieces suits are “sexy”!

Well anyway, here’s to a long, healthy, fun-filled trip. Time to work on my Spanish skills, and become friends with the locals… Or maybe I will save that for later in the trip.

Sonrie el sol,



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