Give it some thought, then go for it!

Well my friends, class has only been in session for seven days, but boy oh boy I feel as if my whole world has begun to turn upside down.

It is not as if everything we have talked about is completely new, since the concept of Catholic Social Teaching that we talked about today is somewhat familiar. I still feel confused as to how I will choose to fit into the equation, but my confusion is a result of needing to sit back and think on the issue some more. As we talked about today, I think this topic is something I may not ever feel completely settled with. I do however need to allow my emotions to push me in one direction or the other. If I only feel sentiment, and neglect to act I will not be in solidarity with the poor. Instead, I will need to find some way in which actions may speak and go along with the plan to be in solidarity with a certain group of people.

This song sung by Francesca Battistelli – It’s Your Life, reminds me of my internal dilemma:

As far as the Feature writing portion of class, I have enjoyed the models Carol has shared for all of the different story structures as well as all the treats she has so graciously made. The power points and observation assignment have been helpful, and the process of brainstorming in order to be more prepared for our interviews, which we will be conducting in the Dominican Republic, is an excellent idea.

As far as the filming goes, this is new for me. I was the designated one to film several events for my sister when my mom or dad were busy from time to time, or I decided to volunteer-but producing a documentary and all of the thoughts surrounding camera angles, setup, on camera interviews and such were not even on my radar prior to last week when we began. I find the filming process challenging at this point, but I’m gonna stick with it, view more tutorials and practice on my own. We’ll see where it leads……

It’s really nice to go to sleep excited to see familiar faces in the morning, with things to tell my classmates and professors, anticipating what is around the corner. I’m enjoying the group and with our newly added group photo to the site-thanks Angie (with the wonderful paper illustrations of Peter and Kyle) I feel as if we have grown even closer as Comunidad 9.5!

The importance of being well rested in order to be prepared has also begun to set in. I sometimes get myself into weird sleeping patterns, but with the DR approaching I will try to cut out my afternoon nap and instead have a longer, uninterrupted night of sleep each night. 

Hasta manaña grupo


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