this is going to be my last post until…hopefully tomorrow night.  We shall see.  Why you ask?  Because we have a very busy couple of days! 

Right now, I am taking the few minutes I have before we go to church to fill you in on this.  So, church, lunch, and then we’re off to a town just outside of Dajabon where we will be staying the night tonight.  In…a dormitory?  I think? 


And then tomorrow from there, we go to market day at Dajabon.  SO EXCITED.  It’s going to be so interesting to see.  And after that, we head back to home base here at ILAC.  So we will be back monday night, and I’m going to try REALLY hard to post something, because it will  be one of our last chances to! Becauseeee


I can’t wait.  We all live with one other person in someones home from the campo we’re staying in.  So I feel like I am going to have a ton of stuff I want to tell you about that, but I can’t until Thursday!  Cause that’s when we get back to ILAC.  So.  I’ll do my best to say a quick adios tomorrow.  Mmk?  Mmk 🙂

Oh, hey, there’s a spider crawling on my computer screen.  Hahaha.

Silly spider.

El Fin

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