Friendly Faces

As we turned the corner on the way back from the airport, I was hit by a feeling of excitement. I couldn’t wait to see who I would see here around ILAC while in the DR. To begin with, there is Kyle-the academic director from my semester here with the Encuentro Program and also the official guide and translator of our time in the DR. He’s great, and more time with him is always nice.

Next there are the many workers here at ILAC who I met in the Spring of 2009 and have been so excited to see while I’ve been here. Seeing Miguelina when we first got here was great-and running into Hector the next morning at breakfast totally made my day start off on the right foot.

I ventured into Juan’s colmado on the way to the beach yesterday to buy some Gatorade and the owner asked me how many times I had been to the DR, greeting me like he always does and making me feel as if I had never really left. It was great that he seems to remember me.

I also saw Luis of Kenny Taxi quickly and Steve Laird seems to be in town as well-small world! Dr. Kelly it was great to hang out with your summer group at Sosua yesterday and I hope your flights back today went smoothly.

Hasta Luego-Raquel B.

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