Friday: Getting the footage and making new friends

Our last day in Cien Fuegos began with breakfast as usual at 8 am and we packed a lunch so that we could spend the whole day on location. We took the gringo bus to the soup kitchen and church to meet up with Pedro again. He met us and then wanted to take us on another walk to Escuela Santa Lucia.

We split into two groups, and I was in a group with Peter Freeze, Amy Engle, Morgan Braaten. Since Friday was our last day to do any shooting in Cien Fuegos we had to make sure we shot awesome footage. And awesome footage, we shot. We started down the street and started working as a team. Each of us shot what looked good and things seemed pretty good to start. After a few minutes, we came upon the fire station, where Peter was able to get us invited inside the walls to shoot. This fire station is the only fire station in Cien Fuegos and serves 125,000 people. Something worth thinking about: the safety of that many people. The firefighters let us take their picture and video of them beside their fire truck, which was really cool. Mad props to Peter for both being the Spanish speaker of the group and getting us permission to shoot a ton on Friday.

We got footage of a bunch of different people along the way to the school but the one that stood out most was that of a man Morgan saw playing the guitar in his house. The guitarist, Alfonso, was very willing to play a song for us and it was a heck of a song. Although I did not catch much of it (my Spanish is still a little shaky), it was a moving song to watch and video being performed just for us. I am hoping it is used in the documentary somewhere.


Both groups met up by the school and then headed to get some more shots of neighborhoods closer to the actual dump. After this, we headed back to the soup kitchen (kind of our base of operations while in Cien Fuegos), and had our lunch. We moved on to keep interviewing and broke into separate groups and I stayed at the soup kitchen. The kids always seemed to be floating around and it was great to see the people of the community using the center for their meetings. It added ambiance to our video, and although it may have screwed up our audio, it was worth it because we were guests who were hosted graciously by the members of the church there.

We came back after the interviews and getting more cool shots, and headed to ILAC to have dinner. We had a reflection to cover what we had seen and experienced over the days in the Dominican Republic. I saw that each of my classmates were having different experiences but we were all in this together and were each moved by these experiences. We were let off for an early night and I got to bed right around midnight, which was fantastic.

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