Tomorrow is the day! 

I cannot believe that after nearly five months of contemplating the trip, getting the parents on board, meeting the group, discussing the classes, taking the classes, and packing the bags, the time has finally come to embark on this adventure. 

Anxious?  YES. 

Nervous?  Double YES. 

Excited?  Triple YES. 

Ready?  Quadruple yes.  I am ready.  I am ready to finally travel to another country, a developing country at that.  I am ready to form a small but strong community with my fellow journalists.  I am ready to build a relationship with the people and the places of the Dominican Republic.  I am ready to open my mind and my heart to a way of life completely new to me.  And I am ready to be transformed by the people, the places, the challenges, and the successes I am about to face.

I am triple checking everything I have packed as we speak.  I don’t think I have forgotten anything.  I for sure have my passport, my boarding pass, and myself, and I know that as soon as I get down there and begin to completely immerse myself in this experience, everything else I packed-or didn’t pack-will not matter.

It is time…to be fully present, to ask questions, to serve.

Yep, this is foreal.

And I am ready.

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