For the love of writing…

In terms of schoolwork writing has always been my strongpoint. When I was a little kid my brothers and parents were constantly reading so that came second nature to me. Encouraged by my mother, I won a grant for a book I wrote when I was 5 about my best friend Maggie, a developmentally disabled girl who lived on my street. In middle school my love of writing continued and I even had a book published about all of the people who had inspired me throughout my formative years. In high school I pursued my passion for writing in combination with a new found love of design as editor of my high school yearbook, writing and editing copy for the sports section. 

Since coming to college my love of writing has continued to grow. Papers and essays have always come easily to me so in terms of class work I have been successful in using those skills to convey my understanding of course material. In writing for the Creightonian I have found that I love talking with people and finding out their story in order to write articles. Most enjoyable however has been the blog I started for the Creightonian this past fall. I love having a place to gather my thoughts, forcing me to think more deeply about my faith and its presence in all that I do.

What I love most about writing is that it is all mine. I love putting words on a page, being able to use my voice to make them say exactly what I want to convey. When I write, I often begin by finding a quiet place where I can just sit and think for awhile. Looking around a quiet space void of many distractions I gather my thoughts before putting them together into sentences. Once I am finished with something like a blog post or article, I read it out loud to myself in order to make sure that it flows and makes sense. 

I am excited to get an opportunity to do some more writing for this experience this summer. I hope to expand on the reporting skills I have already developed and develop my interview skills further, something I think the language barrier will force me to do. Overall, I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure!  

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