Fluidity: word use and murmurings in my head

My writing experience up until now has been that of mostly last minute but quality writing. I usually need a little bit of pressure to write which is helped by the fact that I become more creative (at least writing) later at night. I enjoy writing because I enjoy words. There is something about finding the right word and using it that is very satisfying. I have never been much for writing in a journal but it is something that I have considered picking up because it would make me write and become very personal with writing to something. I dislike writing when it is about something I do not understand as well because I have trouble thinking up the right words and phrasings of sentences. In these circumstances I get stuck on small things and I am unable to move forward with writing because I can’t get past the first few words I have to choose. Another piece of the writing puzzle for me is the first paragraph in research papers. It comes down to having another stumbling block if I can’t think of something and it just holds up the whole writing process. Each time I write I try to get into the topic as much as possible because it allows me to connect and just let my thoughts flow onto paper. When I am just reflecting or writing about an experience that I know of well or have had I can write much more fluidly and things make more sense.

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