Dancing, Laughing, and Cultural Overload

Hola from Rupublica Dominicana! 

 Okay, so I can’t admit to have learned much if any spanish yet, but my intention to do so has sky-rocketed since coming to this amazing place. 

These last couple days have been an absolute whirr of commotion, not something I didn’t necessarily expect but thats the reason for my blogging negligence, sorry! 

We have been crazy busy doing amazing things here in the D.R. From interviewing Pedro and others from Cien Fuegos, playing with adorable little kids who were enthralled with all we were doing, to heading to the beach today and for sure standing out as blonde haired blue eyed gringos, every moment has been an experience. Tomorrow we head out to Cien Fuegos again for our last day of shooting the documentary. It’s sad that we only have one more day to get video since we’re just now getting the hang of it but I know we still have so many adventures to come. 🙂 

I’ve posted a few pictures above of the things we’ve been doing, hopefully they give you a glimpse of what I’ve been experiencing. Feel free to e-mail me, I love reading them when I get a chance at night. Miss you all! Love you! 

 – a.e.  

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