Crash and Burn Footage

Today was a beach day.  We drove to the north coast with another class from Creighton that is also down here.  We arrived around 11, and spent around 5 and 1/2 hours there at the beach in the town called Sosua.  This is a beach that does not have too many tourists, and since it was a national holiday there were a large number of Dominicans as well as us.  We spent a lot of the time in the crystal clear water that was the perfect temperature under a beautiful cloudless sky.  

At this beach they have a few people who have boats and offer rides on inflatables behind them for anywhere from 3-5 dollars.  Several members from the large group of us went on a banana boat, which is a large tube in a straight line.  Later 3 of us took a flat round tube out that you laid down on.  Our reason for going was because we had a great waterproof housing for one of the video cameras.

We took a spin and got some great footage of the sky courteous of me because I could not tell which way the camera was pointing.  Our first crash and burn ended with Scott Peak and me in the water after a hard turn.  You can see on camera me tucking the camera into my chest during the fall and then the boat circling back up for us. The boat started before Scott could get all the way on but he still managed to hang on and right himself back on the tube.  

The next crash and burn was that I had the great idea of rolling off the tube to get a shot of the other two guys and the boat.  This one ended particularly interestingly because the camera bounced into my face and cut my chin open. There is some good footage of the other two pulling up to me while I floated in the water with the camera.  

After this one I passed off the camera to Scott so he could shoot some and i could hold on with both hands. Our last Crash and Burn occurred at the end of the ride and ended quite poorly because both Scott and I were thrown from the float yet again, but this time the camera slipped out of Scott’s hand and when we both surfaced and looked at the camera it was floating between us.  We raced to the camera and caught some really good footage of Chris on the tube alone refusing to be thrown off even though he caught a couple feet of air of a bounce and the tube was at a 45 degree angle.

All in all it was a great afternoon that was quite intense but fun.  We caught some great footage that should be cool to see, and maybe make it into the behind the scenes of the making of our documentary. 

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