Cien Fuegos Round II

Since this is my second trip to the Dominican Republic.  The first trip I would spend 2 days every week of classes in a school in Cien Fuegos, so I thought I knew the neighborhood well and thought that I knew a lot about Pedro, our video’s subject.  But being here again has thrown me for a loop because things always change and there is so much to learn about the neighborhood that I did not know.  I was definitely surprised at how many new things I was seeing and how much they affected me.  I thought I was prepared but I guess poverty has that ability to always be impactful and something that you shouldn’t be unaffected by.

The thing that I have been using from classes is quite similar to my important aspect of class, which is adapting on the fly.  Today was our first day of shooting video and in the morning we had lots of problems with our microphones and little opportunity to fix them because of time constraints and where we were working (on the move).  But nevertheless I learned a lot while we were moving and am still learning new things about the great programs that Pedro has started.

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