Building a community

I am beyond lucky to get a chance to take part in such an exciting venture as our Backpack Journalism in the Dominican Republic class. I already feel stretched professionally as a writer and journalist and personally in getting to know such a diverse group of people. 

I’m excited about this opportunity because we are attempting to create something new. We’re explorers on a small scale.  And, though I am daunted by the amount of work we all have to do, it’s fun to experiment, to see what works and what sends us back to the drawing board ( or perhaps computer keyboard.)

I also feel blessed in getting to know a group of students from outside JMC. I love the JMC students, but I always enjoy getting to know those students outside the confines of Hitchcock.

OK, I guess I’m excited about everything. Watching the “This American Life” video on Michael today just reminded me how powerful storytelling can be, and how you don’t know if something will work unless you ask or try.

Here is some backstory on the “This American Life” segment we watched. 


Carol Zuegner

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I am a journalism professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I teach writing, social media, media entrepreneurship, international mass communication and I am lucky enough to be a part of Backpack Journalism. I focus on interviewing, writing and being Mama Zoogs.

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